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Indulge in a trip to Marrakesh to join a Moroccan cooking lesson for a convivial day. This trip can also be inserted in a longer Morocco 4WD tour.

Cooking class

1 day - 50 €/person

Discover the flavors of Moroccan cuisine and learn the subtle mixes of spices in the nicest way. You will learn to cook a starter, a dish or a dessert in each session depending on fresh products available in the market. You will also master the mint tea ritual.


The day starts with a visit to the market where you will find what you need to prepare your meal. This first mission accomplished, you will be welcomed to your host's house. Then the preparation of the meal begins. Dishes are cooked traditionally, with charcoal. You will enjoy baking bread in the village's traditional oven. The tasting of your dishes will also be done the traditional way: using your hands and bread. There is also a ritual to follow, which will be explained to you. Of course, cutlery will be at your disposal in case of need. Transfer to your hotel at the end of the day.

Price: 50€ / person (transfer, cooking class, meal)

Possible Extension

Moroccan cuisine is very diverse. We offer longer classes so you can learn several specialties combined with visits of the region. We help you decide which dishes you want to cook and taste (tajine stews, homemade couscous, honey bread, pastry, Moroccan pancake, etc) as well as the programme of your complete stay.
You can choose to incorporate a day's cooking class in a specific tour.

Contact us

TEL : +212(0) 661 29 35 90
          +212(0) 661 63 75 21
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