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General Terms and Conditions

Tamazirt Evasion is a trademark of the Circuits Evasion SARL agency.


Taxes are included in our rates.
For customized services, our rates will be communicated with a quote which will be vaild for a period of 3 months. Beyond those 3 months, if the customer hasn't subscribed, a new estimate shall be established.

Ethical principles
Our rates ensure fair pay of our guides, craftsmen, drivers, cooks and mule drivers for their work in order to guarantee you a professional and motivated team.
By offering accommodation in local people's home when desired, we facilitate intercultural exchanges and provide an additional income to families.


The subscription to one of our offers implies that the customer is aware of the general terms and conditions, details of the chosen tour, possible reservations or remarks, and agrees with the terms.

Booking conditions
The validity of this contract, as well as the Circuits Evasion's commitment to his client, are conditional to the payment of 50% of the chosen offer's total price.
The return of the approved contract is not relevant and does not commit Circuit Evasion in any way as long as the deposit hasn't been received and validated. The down payment automatically implies acceptance of the contract with its general and specific terms, in accordance to the terms originally set out by email. Without a confirmed reservation (deposit paid) Circuit Evasion has no commitment and no compensation can be claimed. For reservations made less than 15 days prior to the trip, the entire amount is required.

Payment of the balance
The balance of payment will be provided by a bank transaction at least 15 days before your arrival, or by cash at your arrival (accepted currencies: euro, US dollars and Moroccan dirham).


If for any reason you must cancel the reservation, you must inform Circuit Evasion by email or letter as soon as possible. Cancellation for personal convenience does not include any reimbursement of any kind and you shall remain liable for the balance of payment.
In the event of force majeure (job loss, illness, death of a relative, missed plane, etc.) cancellation is accepted by Circuit Evasion, subject to providing evidence of force majeure by the customer. If several customers subscribed in a same file and one of them cancels his stay, the cancellation fees will be charged on the total amount of the deposit, whoever paid it. Terms of cancellation:

  • For a cancellation more than 60 days from the beginning of the stay, the deposit will not be refunded.
  • Between 60 and 30 days, you are liable for 80% of the price.
  • Within 30 days from the beginning of stay, you are liable for the total amount of the stay.

The customer is responsible for subscribing to a cancellation insurance in his own country.
Any cancellation during your stay does not entitle any refund, the total amount of the trip belongs to Circuits Evasion.         

Cancellation by Circuits Evasion                                                     
In the event of force majeure, social events, strikes, weather conditions, illness or accident that befalls the planned service provider, death of a relative of the service provider, etc., Circuits Evasion may cancel a departure. In this case, customers will be informed as soon as possible and refunded the total amount of delivered payment, but shall not be entitled to claim any reimbursement or compensation.


Payment will be provided by credit transfer to our company's bank account. In order to follow up your file, we require that you indicate your contract's reference in the bank transfer causality section.

Bank : Société Générale
Agency : Kettani - Agadir
RIB: 022 010 000 008 00 040050 29 25

BE AWARE that if you are an HSBC 's client , extra fees will be charged. HSBC has intermediaries charging fees before proceeding to the payment of the amount to our bank. We have no responsibility on this practice and cannot be held responsible for the consequences. Whenever it occurs we will add these fees to the amount of the balance providing supporting documents of the charged fees.


According to our professional legislation, our vehicles are insured for civil liability by our insurer in Agadir. However, to take part in our trips the customer must subscribe a comprehensive insurance: assistance and repatriation, medical fees, luggage loss/theft, etc. By having this insurance, we will be able to contact your insurer whenever we need to.
It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that his insurance covers his entire trip.
Taking part in sporting and playful activities offered by Circuits Evasion relies on the entire customer's responsibility.

He will take responsability for his own ability to take part in an activity. Circuit Evasion can provide customer service for any extra information he may need, however, Circuits Evasion cannot be held responsible for consequential choices made by the client.


Circuits Evasion shall assume no liability for inconveniences caused by car breakdown during a tour due to track conditions, unexpected weather conditions or local events (such as strikes, social events, bad weather conditions, war, political unrest, technical incidents for which Circuits Evasion cannot be held responsible). Nevertheless Circuits Evasion undertakes to collect all necessary information before every departure in order to ensure you a pleasant and safe stay. The tour program may be changed by Circuits Evasion based on external events beyond our control. Circuits Evasion shall assume no responsibility. No reimbursement is granted if the travel is interrupted or cut short for any reason whatsoever.

Delays (in scheduled time or travel connection) caused by above cases, and possible itinerary changes, do not allow compensation of any kind.
Related additional expenses (taxes, hotel...) have to be paid for by the participant.

If the customer wants to change their programme under their own initiative (with necessary prior agreement of Circuits Evasion's managers) some of his choices may have financial consequences. In the absence of a contrary agreement, the following shall apply.
In the event of any changes to the length of your stay: reduction of the number of days does not entitle you to reimbursement given that Circuits Evasion has already mobilised means for the customer. Only subsequent agreements with service providers whose services were cancelled will enable the refunding of the client, but there are no rules on the matter.
An increase in the number of days, its feasibility and price, must be agreed by Circuits Evasion's management. Price supplement will be paid by cash before the beginning of additional services.
Changes in mileage: no reimbursement will be accorded for mileage reduction. Prices are not necessarily and exclusively determined by mileage but more by the type of routes, 4WD deployment and a global commercial approach from the outset. Any increase in mileage is charged 0.4€/km, on condition that the supplement is substantial.
Change of hotel: any changes on the part of the customer will involve the payment by the customer of the chosen hotel and all services (half board, drinks, etc). Circuits Evasion may not have the same rates agreement with two hotels having the same public rates. Cancellation conditions may widely differ in accordance on the relationship between Circuits Evasion and service providers. No refund of the cancelled hotel will be made by Circuits Evasion. Circuits Evasion will intercede in order to obtain reimbursement from the cancelled hotel without prejudice for its commercial relationship with the hotel and refund the customer only in the case of reimbursement.
Changing a Circuits Evasion night camp to a hotel: the customer must pay the full accommodation and food costs in the chosen hotel with no possibility of deducting the cancelled night camp fees. Circuits Evasion would already have deployed his equipment for the customer, would have had to review it and clean it, and fresh products for customer's meals would probably have already been bought. No refunding may occur before the end of the tour, after the reports of the customer and Circuit Evasion, its expense statement and hotel's management's comment. In particular, hard conditions, such as sand storm, rain, or cold, are cases of force majeure and Circuit Evasions will not assume its financial consequences.

Given the type of tours we offer we ask every participant to be aware of the risks, notably due to the distance from medical centres. The participant takes full responsibility of the risks and agrees not to impose the responsibility for accidents or incidents that may occur to Circuits Evasion, guides or other service providers. Circuits Evasion reserves the right, to itself or through its attendants, to change means of transport, accommodation, route, as well as planned days or times if the circumstances so require, especially to ensure group's security. No compensation will be offered.

Each participant must comply with safety rules and take the advice of the guide and/or driver. Circuits Evasion cannot be held responsible for incidents due to the individual recklessness of a member of the group. Service providers working with Circuits Evasion have their own responsibility and insurance. Circuits Evasion must not be mistaken for these service providers.


Circuits Evasion cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any loss, theft or damage of luggage and personal belongings that may occur during your holidays. Circuits Evasion advises you to bring used and low-value personal effects.
In case of a dispute, only the courts of Morocco will be competent.


Circuits Evasion doesn't take responsibility for air travel and does not deliver airline tickets. Circuits Evasion assumes no responsibility nor compensation for any inconveniences caused by the airline company.
As soon as the customer has bought his tickets we ask him to confirm his travel dates, arrival and departure times, and full flight details. We take charge of confirming the return flight to the airline company. To this end, the customer must entrust us with his tickets at arrival. They will be given back at the end of the stay.

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